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Appointment Information


Thank you for booking in with Ebony Squid Studio; we look forward to seeing you soon!

Please take the time to read through this document as it has some important information regarding the best preparation leading up to your tattoo appointment, information about the appointment itself, and how to care for your tattoo.


Consent Form & Payment


Please remember, when you receive your booking reminder 3 days before your appointment this will contain a link to access our consent form which you will need to complete. The consent form and any payments must be completed by 10pm the evening before your appointment. If these conditions aren’t met then your appointment will be cancelled, your artist will not attend the studio, and you will lose your deposit.

As some parts of the consent form are time-sensitive they can only be answered shortly before the appointment itself, however we understand that our clients have busy schedules, so we have set the 3-day window between the booking reminder and your appointment. We hope that in doing this we provide everyone with adequate time to complete the necessary forms while also being close enough to the day of the appointment for some of the time sensitive questions to still be relevant.


The 10pm cut-off ensures that our artists don’t travel to the studio and disrupt their day for an appointment that they’re not sure is going to be attended by the client. ‘No-shows’ are thankfully few and far between but we set this 10pm cut-off to avoid these situations as much as possible.


Before Your Tattoo

In the week leading up to your tattoo moisturise and exfoliate the area daily to clear away any damaged surface skin cells. Make sure to keep the area out of direct sunlight, and do not use any fake tan on the area.

Drinking alcohol or taking drugs the night before your tattoo is not recommended and will significantly increase the level of pain you can expect during the tattoo. Added to this is the thinning of the blood which will have a negative impact on the quality of the tattooing, meaning that you will not be getting as good a finished piece as you would have without a hangover.


It is really important that you have a good night’s sleep in preparation for your appointment. On the morning of your appointment you will need to shower and eat well before attending the studio.

If you have periods, please bear your cycle in mind - the days leading up to your period (reflect phase) and the first half of your period can make the tattooing process a bit more uncomfortable and difficult to manage. Anxiety and stress levels can be elevated too.


Please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment that allows for easy access to the area being tattooed. Occasionally ink can get onto clothing so please bear this in mind when choosing your outfit.


During Your Appointment

Due to health and safety regulations we are unable to accommodate friends/family of our clients waiting inside the studio, and as such only the person being tattooed will be allowed entry to their appointment.

There will be music played at the studio but you are welcome to bring headphones if you would prefer to listen to your own. There will be some areas of the tattoo where your artist will need to focus without talking, and they will ask to work quietly during these times. As there are multiple artists working in a relatively small space we try to keep an ambient level of noise for the benefit of everyone.

Please bring snacks and refreshments to your appointment. If you need a break for whatever reason at any point, please just let us know. Your artist will also require regular breaks during the day, so taking time to stretch and have some refreshments is good for everyone!

We have heat pads and fans to regulate the temperature, so if you are feeling too hot or cold please let us know and we will try to adjust this for you. We also use air purifiers and aromatherapy but if you would prefer not to have these on during your appointment please just let us know.


Tattoos Not Therapy

We understand that there can be a whole spectrum of reasons for getting tattooed and that many of these reasons may be traumatic or difficult to have experienced. We have tried to create a space at the studio where people can feel comfortable to be vulnerable and allow themselves to take a step on their journey to a place of healing through the process of being tattooed.


With that being said, we are not qualified or experienced therapists. As such we do not have the training necessary to be able to listen to a person’s trauma without this having a significant effect on our own mental health.

The most important thing that your artist can provide to their clients is being able to tattoo to the best of their ability throughout their appointment. At times this might mean that they will need to politely ask you not to share certain aspects of your experiences if they are finding this to be overwhelming or distressing.

We ask that you please do not take this request as meaning we do not care but rather that we care too much about our clients wellbeing to be able to focus 100% on the tattoo while also trying to hold space for their struggles.


After your tattoo is finished you will be given an aftercare sheet which explains the aftercare process in full. If you misplace this or are unsure of anything please get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to clarify anything for you.

While healing your tattoo it is important to remember that this is an open wound and there will always be the risk of infection once you leave the studio. The most effective way of reducing this risk of infection is to ensure that you properly wash your hands before touching your tattoo at any time through the healing process, never share an aftercare product with another person, and be aware of any early signs of infection that might appear.

These can include but are not limited to: painful red lumps under the skin; a burning, throbbing pain accompanied by hot and swollen skin; or an unusual discharge with a bad smell.

While your tattoo is healing it is usual for there to be some tenderness and swelling, along with mild scabbing, but if you feel that you may be experiencing any of the above symptoms then it is important that you seek medical attention.

The best point of first contact would be to speak to a pharmacist. They will be able to give their professional opinion, offer medical advice, and if necessary they can recommend that you see your GP if they feel antibiotics are needed.

For more information about infections please visit:

NHS Infections Advice


Touch Ups

As the tattoo heals there may be occasions when it is accidentally knocked against something or a small area scabs more heavily and so doesn't quite heal correctly. If this happens then these few areas can be touched up free of charge, however, this can only be done within three months of having the original tattoo. After this time, touch ups will charged at your artist's normal rate.


Please also bear in mind that touch ups in the first 3 months are only free of charge at your artist's discretion, and if they feel that you have not properly followed their aftercare instructions then you will be required to pay for the touch up at their normal rate.

We really appreciate you taking the time to read through this document and familiarise yourself to our studio practices.

3 days before your appointment you should receive your booking reminder email which will have the link to our consent form in the notes. If you don’t receive a reminder please check your junk folder and then get in touch with us at if you still haven’t found it.


We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!


Team Squid

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